NJCVC Action Alert! Call Governor Christie and tell him to VETO A-3920

UPDATE! 1/20/12 @ 11:50am. The Governor pocket vetoed (A3920) the flu vaccine for healthcare workers! Thank you to all who called and expressed your opposition. Please call his office @ (609)777-2500 or (609)292-6000 to thank him for NOT SIGNING this bill! From the NJ Legislative website: POCKET VETO The only type of veto in which … Read more

Updating Governor Christie About Bill A-2450 for Vaccination Choice

January 26, 2011 The Honorable Chris ChristieOffice of the GovernorP. O. Box 001Trenton, NJ 08625 HAND DELIVERED Dear Governor Christie: We are writing to thank you for your prescient decision to support vaccination choice during the gubernatorial campaign. After you wrote the attached letter in support of our community, many more parents mobilized to vote … Read more