NJCVC is a volunteer, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on promoting vaccination choice, informed consent and individualized medical decision making.

NJCVC is committed to preserving laws and promoting legislation that provides for vaccination choice.  NJCVC opposes legislation that seeks to erode the rights of individuals to make medical decisions in consultation with their providers. NJCVC’s primary focus is on creating and maintaining relationships within our State government and strives to educate legislators and develop relationships across the political spectrum.

Understanding the complexities of the vaccination choice issue takes time. We recognize that everyone is on their own journey and we strive to meet people where they are to develop a dialog and productive discussion.  NJCVC advocates for people to be actively involved in their medical decisions surrounding vaccinations and works collaboratively with other groups who have aligned missions but are focused on other aspects of education and advocacy.

Government mandates interfere with a person’s ability to maintain the control they deserve over their own healthcare decisions.  NJCVC understands that everyone comes to this issue with different knowledge and personal experiences. NJCVC deeply respects the need for people to cultivate a relationship based on trust with their healthcare providers.

NJCVC is not opposed to the responsible use of vaccination. Our group is open to ALL who are serious about vaccination choice, informed consent and the importance of options in medical care and approaches. We work with elected officials and community leaders from across the political spectrum because we believe that everyone is a potential ally and this issue is one that effects everyone.

The History of NJCVC

The movement for informed consent and vaccination choice in New Jersey is not new.  Organized efforts began in 1997 when Sue Collins formed Parents for Freedom of Vaccination Choice as a support group for parents to come together to discuss  concerns and share information about vaccinations and vaccination options.  This group later became the New Jersey Alliance for Informed Choice in Vaccination.

The current New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice (NJCVC) was founded in 2006, partially in response to government proposals to mandate flu shots for preschool and boosters of DTaP and meningitis for 6th grade students.  (These requirements ultimately passed via the Public Health Council not through the legislature in December of 2007, making NJ the first state to require the flu vaccine for preschool.) Since that time the NJCVC has been working to educate legislators and the public about the importance of informed consent in vaccination.  The Coalition is comprised of individuals, parents, grandparents, teachers, lawyers and health care practitioners from across the state.  NJCVC aims to preserve the right of all individuals to make informed medical decisions for themselves and their families.

NJCVC Philosophy

NJCVC works to cultivate relationships with all people based on respect.  We believe that conversations about vaccination choice are possible with everyone.  We advocate for people to educate themselves on the complexities of this conversation to allow for dynamic conversations that can evolve over time.  We strive to build relationships of mutual respect and continued connections.  NJCVC realizes that vaccination choice is not an easy conversation for many people in the public eye and respects that it can take time for people to settle into the details and realize that its not as simple as many others want them to believe.

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