Senate President Sweeney Rumored To Usurp Health Committee Votes to Remove Parental and Religious Rights

Over forty thousand healthy New Jersey children and college students could be permanently removed from school as a result. New Jersey, December 11, 2019 — Just in time for the holidays, and possibly at the direction of Senate President Stephen Sweeney, New Jersey Democrats are moving to usurp the democratic process to pass a bill … Read more

Senate Health Committee to vote on Health Care Flu Vaccine Bill on Monday, Feb. 4, 2013

This bill is “an act concerning influenza vaccination of certain health care workers.” in NJ. S1464   is scheduled for a vote in the Senate Health Committee Monday, February, 4, 2013.  This bill will require health care facilities to “offer” influenza vaccine to health care workers and “track” those who have received the vaccine and … Read more

S1759 UPDATE – Calls Needed Once Again, To Fend Off S1759

Please call and e-mail the following Senators with the message: Please DO NOT support S1759. If you are a constituent make sure to identify yourself as such. Senator President Steven Sweeney – 856-251-9801 – Senator James Beach – 856-429-1572 – Senator Fred Madden – 856-232-6700 – Senator Nellie Pou – 973-247-1555 – … Read more

Tell Senate President Sweeney NOT to Post S1759 for a Vote at the Senate Voting Session on Thursday.

Dear fellow Vaccination Choice advocates, Today, (Monday, 11/26/12) the decision will likely be made regarding the Senate Voting session for this Thursday. Senate President Sweeney (Dist 3) makes the final decision as to the agenda.  Please call this morning, both his district office as well as his Trenton office and leave a message. Sweeney, Stephen … Read more

New Jersey’s Religious Exemption – IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED!

The SENATE AMENDED S1759 on Thursday, October 4th. In response to your calls, the bill no longer requires annual vaccination counseling or a doctor’s signature. However, the revised bill still has major problems. The NJ SENATE May vote on S1759 on Thursday, October 25th. Mark your calendars. This is the next possible date that S1759 … Read more

New Jersey’s Religious Exemption – Bad Bill S1759 Moves Forward!

Please flood the offices of your district Senator and Governor Christie (609-292-6000) to tell them why S1759 is an attack on religious beliefs! We are expecting a full Senate vote next week (Oct 4). They need to hear from us, loud and clear, that we demand our right to religious freedom and to have religious … Read more

A Letter To Oppose Bill S1759, Please Write Your NJ Senators!

Dear Senator x, I’m writing to ask you to vote NO to bill S1759, a bill which parents feel is very intrusive and offensive to our religious rights. S1759 makes it much more complicated, expensive, and time-consuming to file for a religious exemption to vaccination. Currently parents can opt their children out of vaccines due … Read more

ACTION ALERT!! New Jersey’s Religious Exemption to Vaccination is Under Attack!

New Jersey’s Religious Exemption to Vaccination is Under Attack! (Step 1) Join us to fight bill S1759 at the Senate Health Committee Hearing THURSDAY, SEPT. 20 at 1:00 PM! Please plan to attend! Bring 10-15 copies of your testimony/statement to share with Senators and RSVP if you can go to Trenton to   | … Read more