NJ Assembly Health Committee Meeting on March 9, 2009 in Trenton

The NJ Assembly Health Committee met on March 9 in Trenton, as part of their regular meeting schedule.    NJ Health Commissioner Heather Howard was invited to give testimony on the pending influx of stimulus money.  Two NJCVC members attended the event to show support for vaccination choice and gave each committee member the following statement:

  • We don’t believe any additional money should be directed at vaccine programs until proof of the collective safety of vaccines is provided.
  • Our coalition now represents more than 10,000 NJ citizens who have signed our petition, and our mission is vaccination choice in NJ, not more vaccine programs.
  • Many of our children were indeed kicked out of daycare/schools across NJ in January because they did not receive a flu shot.  In fact, several of these children were denied medical exemptions and because of their concerns about vaccine reactions, chose to leave school rather than allow their children to be vaccinated with the flu shot.

Additionally, we shared a very recent and relevant article by Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC, a member organization, explaining that American medical journals consistently publish only favorable vaccine study data, often from poorly designed studies.

We received positive feedback from most of the legislators and definitely made our presence known with our "NJ Needs Vaccination Choice" t-shirts!