Deadline Relaxed: Children Permitted to Return to Preschool Without Flu Vaccine

After nearly 3 weeks of preventing children from attending preschool without their newly mandated flu vaccines (or a legal exemption), the NJ Health Department finally relaxed its deadline for compliance.  Children were permitted to return to preschool if they were in compliance with all vaccine mandates (except the flu vaccine) as of February 3rd.  The Health Department verbally cited thimerosal-free flu vaccine shortages as the reason for the revised schedule and is now ordering more vaccines from out of state, with plans to set up clinics around NJ.

On the legislative front, bills A260/S1071, allowing parents the right to a conscientious exemption to mandatory vaccinations, remain blatantly “stalled” in the Senate and Assembly Health Committees.  A continued aggressive and consistent grassroots efforts is needed to obtain additional sponsors (even though we already have 38 between both houses), and to pressure the Health Committee chair people to put the bills up for a vote.  Our objective, however, is to encourage members of both Health Committees to sponsor the bill prior to being put up for a vote.  Our Letter Writing / Call In Kits are available to make the process of contacting individual legislators easy and efficient, so even people new to this issue can help us make a real difference.  It is very important that legislators hear from constituents in their own district (remember, you voted them in; you can vote them out).  If you have any questions about contacting your legislator and are willing to get more involved, please email us at: