Vaccination Choice Rally in Trenton, NJ on October 16, 2008

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Quotes from NJCVC Members

Louise Kuo Habakus“One of the police present at the event told Claudine that we had 700 people at the peak of yesterday’s rally contrary to the reports of some press.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped, spoke, traveled to Trenton and attended us in spirit. We must acknowledge a lot of people whose support made the rally possible including the leaders of the NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice, all our speakers and everyone who attended, Whole Foods Princeton for the bottled water, Barb and Jamie Majeski for donating the A/V equipment (and Barb’s wonderful video), Christine Heeren who always shows up, donates her valuable talents and time and documents our important events, the Hasenkamps and Asenka Creative Services for donating the creative talent behind some of our flyers, Versatile Entertainment and PSAV Event Services for discounting their services to us, Autism One Radio and Teri/Ed Arranga for covering the event live (check back middle of next week for the video), Kim Stagliano and Age of Autism for giving us the platform to share our stories and the prayers and encouragement we receive across the country from many, many parents who believe we deserve the right to choose.

Parents including NJCVC leaders met with Health Commissioner Health Howard on December 3, 2008. Details about the meeting can be found here and here.


Please continue calling and writing your legislators. Write another letter! Let’s keep the momentum up from today’s rally. They all read about us. We are on the front burner RIGHT NOW. Tell your legislators how impressed you were by the legislators who passed by and either addressed the group or expressed support (including Sen Oroho, Asm Chuisano, Asw Littell-McHose, Asw Karrow, Asm Rumana, Asm Bramnick, Asm Doherty (his aide came), Asm Schaer). Offer to meet with your legislators. We will help you to get them up to speed on the facts. As other legislators catch on that this is a hot issue, we will gain more support. In addition to the four who spoke, several others were unable to stay but voiced their strong endorsement of A2450.”

– Louise Kuo Habakus