TRENTON UPDATE from The Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee Meeting



We had a successful day in Trenton! A243 the Conscientious Exemption to Mandatory Immunization Bill was not put up for a vote following testimony. A3746 – Reorganizing of the Public Health Council and Restoring full power was pulled prior to any testimony. Both bills will likely come up again, so we need to be ready to SUPPORT A243 and OPPOSE A3746.

A huge thank you to all who contacted legislators and those who came to Trenton to testify and lend support.

Details and Press Coverage as well as the audio testimony are below.

We had over 40 people in Trenton supporting us. The Committee Room was standing room only. Due to the large number of people who signed up to testify, Chairman Conaway limited everyone to a mere one and a half minutes each. Despite the time limit, everyone who testified in favor of Vaccination Choice was wonderful. We had several groups supporting us including, NJ-NOW and TACA (Talk About Curing Autism). Despite constant interruptions and admonishment by the Chairman Conaway, we were strong and determined. Usually when testimony is given, the committee members are permitted to ask questions of the speakers. On Monday, Conaway did not permit this. He would not even let the committee ask questions of Dr. Deborah Ginsburg following her testimony.

The “other side” was also under a time limit. They put forth the usual arguments that parents should not have a choice because if they do, they will stop vaccinating and all the diseases will return….

conawayIn the end, Chairman Conaway decided not to let the committee vote on the bill. This again is unusual in that when a bill is up “for discussion only” that is stated upfront on the agenda prior to the meeting. This was not the case here.

Assemblyman Conaway chose to pull A3746 from the agenda altogether.

Click Here for streaming audio of the testimony Monday, March 7, 2011. Our bill starts at about 1:13:47 mark.

To watch the hearing and A243 testimony on youtube, visit the links below. The testimony has been cut into 9 consecutive clips:

A243 Testimony 1
A243 Testimony 2
A243 Testimony 3
A243 Testimony 4
A243 Testimony 5
A243 Testimony 6
A243 Testimony 7
A243 Testimony 8
A243 Testimony 9

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