NJCVC Health Department Meeting – Aug 2

This is from a meeting with the health dept that NJCVC members were able to secure, and 3 of our leaders attended…

Dr. Susan Walsh We met with Dr. Susan Walsh who is Deputy Health Commissioner but introduced herself as the acting Health Commissioner, Dr. Tina Tan who is the NJDHSS State Epidemiologist, Terry Clancy who is secretary to the Commissioner, and Claudia Marchese, Asst. Counsel, Office of the Governor.

Dr. Walsh ran the meeting and the other attendees said nothing except to introduce themselves and greet us coming and going. Dr Walsh was very intent on sticking to the agenda we provided, making sure we were "on track" the whole meeting and was sure to reiterate the info. she told us she would get for us. Basically, we think it went as well as it could have. Dr. Walsh told us they were there to "listen" to us.

Each attendee received a copy of our "Understanding Conscientious Exemption from Mandatory Immunization: A2450" (This will soon be available for everyone to download from the website. I personally consider this to be NJCVC’s premiere document for defending conscientious exemption. I hope when you all get to see it in its entirety, you will agree.) As they "listened," we went through an overview of NJCVC, who we each are and motives for our work. We told them that we are on the pulse of what parents think and that the paradigm is shifting. Parents don’t trust vaccines, they don’t trust public health to tell them the truth, they are fed up with the number of shots. The religious exemption isn’t working for everyone because parents want some but not all shots but have no option to pick and choose so they refuse all instead of some contributing to the declining compliance rates in NJ.

cdc logo We talked about the CDC recommended vaccination schedule and how there are just too many vaccines. We pointed out that with NJ’s highest # of mandates, it is forcing children to receive too many vaccines, too soon with no options for individual spacing. This contributes to the health problems of susceptible children who cannot be identified in advance.

We went on with the CDC’s vaccine excipient list of ingredients where mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde were highlighted in different colors to show how very much of this stuff our kids get in their vaccines. We talked about the accumulation of these substances in the body and how the EPA and the toxicology journals describe the symptoms of poisoning by these substances which are the same symptoms we see in our sick children with allergies, disabilities and special needs. We referred to the Generation Rescue flyer and showed how the number of vaccines has risen drastically.

FluVaccine We reviewed the package insert summaries for the flu vaccines but were sure to communicate how this transferred to each and every vaccine. We highlighted how there are NO safety studies for co-administration with other vaccines, no studies on fertility, reproductive capacity, fetal harm and so on and so on. We asked them point blank, looking each one of them dead in the eye, how can they tell pregnant women the flu vaccine is safe for them when NO STUDIES have been conducted to ascertain this! Of course, they were completely shut down. They simply could not answer. Dr. Walsh tried to eek out something about us being familiar with Category A, B, C and D drug testing but recoiled when we retorted that we knew that vaccines were category C pharmaceuticals and had no pregnancy testing or if any preliminary testing had been done, it had proven to be dangerous. We went back to the fact that the EPA literature showed greater threat of harm from mercury in fetal and early development, how the mercury has not been removed from vaccines and how the flu shot given to babies is going to well-exceed the EPA limit and then factor in all the mercury from their other vaccines and it is pushing them over their thresholds.

We called into question the CDC’s vaccine information sheets and that they were fraudulent and hollow and that the public is not getting full disclosure relying upon this. We compared other prescription drugs to vaccines wherein the patient is required by law to get the package insert with their prescriptions. Dr. Walsh asked if we thought the patients should get the package inserts with vaccines. We agreed they should, but that the information did need to be put in layman’s terms with COMPLETE information about risks.

That's a play group! Not a clinical trial. We pointed out how the clinical trials were laughable. Particularly Sanofi’s flu vaccine tested on 19 children under age 2. We used Amy’s verbiage, "That’s a play group! Not a clinical trial." We told them that no parent should be asked to subject their child to a vaccine that was studied on only 19 children. We went through the VAERS data, 4-5 individual entries, one by one where the end result was death. We compared the dead children from crib slats and walkers and how it only took 3-4 babies to die before the manufacturers had to pull the products from the market and start over. Unlike the thousands of deaths from faulty vaccines that are still used to the tune of billions of dollars of profits for these private manufacturers. We told them how we thought it was a bit shady that our public health department was in the business of selling goods for private companies.

We touched on the inclined plane of early intervention and special education spending and that the same disorders that qualify our children to receive these services are the same effects of poisoning by mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde listed in the toxicology journals. Can we really continue to ignore the correlation?

Wrapping up, we went over the letter to the AG on the HPV flyer. Once again, they were completely shut down. We referred to the specific paragraph on the flyer where the Q is "Is HPV vaccine safe?" and the A is "There have been no serious adverse reactions after HPV vaccination."

After drawing their attention to the 17 people who died in the clinical trials and the other 125 who were hospitalized with varying conditions and had not yet recovered, we asked, "Does this answer, ‘There have been no serious adverse reactions following vaccination with HPV’ really represent the truth?" "Does telling people, there have been no serious reactions after 17 people in the clinical trials died, does that represent the truth?" No answer.

Lastly, we asked how the chain of command operates to implement a vaccine mandate. This is outlined in an email Dr. Walsh sent to Stacy today, which will be posted on the loop soon. Dr. Walsh did not know that the last four mandates were pushed through without legislative oversight, it was "before her time." We asked for a rescinding of the flu mandate. We reminded them that the state does not have to mandate all the vaccines the CDC recommends and in fact needs to do a better job with safety and information because they ARE mandating. There were other things we wanted to discuss but Dr. Walsh was saturated and started to put her things together to go.


OH yeah! I didn’t make the connect at the time but we were speaking to the voice of the flu shot herself! Dr. Walsh does all the radio and TV commercials urging people to get their flu shots in NJ!