More Vaccination Choice Efforts

NJCVC is hoping to have a table at the Holistic Moms event coming up in October in Basking Ridge.

NJCVC is also busy planning our own educational event in October – location and date to be posted soon

Since our bill is now in the Assembly Education Committee we’ve been meeting with all the legislators on that committee and getting them on board, one by one. The majority of the assembly members on that committee support our bill for conscientious exemption to vaccinations.

New Jersey Legislature

As mentioned in the previous post, a note was hand delivered to the governor’s office on Aug 2 requesting a meeting with NJCVC.

We wanted to provide some updates so that you know the ball is still in motion. We’ll have a new e-blast coming out soon with more updates.

We’d love for everyone interested in joining us with our effort, please join the yahoo group and introduce yourself. If you have time, we have lots of little projects.