NJCVC Co-founder Interviewed About Pediatricians Refusing Unvaccinated Patients

NJ pediatricians to anti-vaccine parents: Find another doctor

Sue Collins, co-founder of the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice, believes the position taken by the Academy is shortchanging patients.

unvaccinated_patients“When did pediatric medicine become only about administering vaccinations?” she said. “I think this really ties pediatricians’ hands in their ability to treat each patient for what their needs are and we all know that a one-size-fits-all policy does not work for anything in life, including medical care.”

Collins stressed what is needed is a policy that enables patients to look at what vaccinations they may or may not need, and what vaccinations may or may not work or be dangerous for them.

When asked about the concern that an unvaccinated child could potentially put other children in a doctor’s office at risk, she said “patients that have been recently vaccinated have the ability to spread the disease, especially with the live virus vaccine, and thus put others at risk. Some of the healthiest kids I know are the kids who are not vaccinated.”

She pointed out more and more vaccines are being given, but we’re also seeing more and more outbreaks of disease among vaccinated populations.

“Instead of looking at vaccine failures, we keep adding more and piling it on,” she said. “The United States gives three times more vaccines than most other developed countries and I think there is something very wrong with that. We should be focusing on how all of these vaccines may or may not be interacting with each other. Those studies have never been done.”

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