Dr. Sarah Lane Discusses Vaccine Mandates on Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello

This is an audio podcast interview Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello, Dr. Sarah Lane discusses vaccine mandates in NJ.
“Interview with Dr. Sarah Lane” by Chris DeBello. Released: 2017. Genre: Radio.
Originally published here: http://www.issuesandideasradio.com/audio.html

Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello debuted in January of 2003. Chris also picked up the role of Public Affairs Director for the four stations.

Just as he did with his morning show, Issues And Ideas quickly gained listeners and recognition for the topics discussed and the guests the show brought to listeners. The format Chris created for Issues And Ideas provided for several different guests who joined Chris in talking about and addressing different topics in each segment. Chris also made it a point never to rely on a small group of experts or pundits like many other shows do. He has always told people that if you appear on the show twice in a year, that makes you a regular guest.

Now Chris has launched Issues And Ideas on a national platform. The goal and the methods are still the same. Bring a variety of views on a variety of topics to the listener with the hope that they’ll become better informed, aware and feel the need to take action in matters that have put out the call.