A Letter to a NJ Assemblywoman About A2450

February 24, 2011

Dear Assemblywoman Connie Wagner:

parental_rightsVaccination choice and the work to advance the bill A2450 – The Conscientious Exemption to Mandatory Immunization in New Jersey has become a passion of mine within the last two years.  I am the mother of two young girls who were injured by their vaccines.  My oldest daughter seemed to handle her baby shots fine but a round of vaccines for kindergarten put her in the hospital with severe GI pain.  I didn’t connect the dots at the time.  And yet, I continued to trust my daughters’ pediatric practice.  So when the time came to start vaccinating my youngest daughter, I could see that something terribly wrong was happening.  With each dose of DTaP, she started losing eye contact, didn’t want to be held, cried at feedings and kept getting ear infections.  After her third DTaP shot, she started banging her head and rocking in her crib all night long.  Her doctors did not believe one word I said.  They told me that I was an overly anxious mom and that I needed to stop reading the internet.  We tried several other doctors and each one had the same answer, “She’s too young.  We won’t know for awhile yet whether she has a developmental disorder.”   But they still pushed me to vaccinate.  This time, I didn’t listen.  Would you continue vaccinating your child when you watched her deteriorate before your eyes with every single dose?  I trusted my instinct and started reading and learning and connecting with other parents who have similar concerns.  And there are many of us.  I’ve read more about the vaccines in the last two years than I have read about anything else in my whole life!

UPDATE! We Need YOU in Trenton to Fight For A2450 on March 3rd

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Most people don’t know that vaccine package inserts, inventory a long list of adverse reactions that occur after vaccination.  The vaccine manufactures explicitly disclose that vaccine side effects include Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), encephalitis (brain damage / autism), seizures, paralysis, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis and anaphylactic shock.  It is not new news to me, or to any doctor who you might ask, that each of us is biochemically and genetically different.  Drugs affect people differently.  One size fits all medicine is dangerous.  And yet we mandate vaccines to healthy children as a requirement for daycare and school admission.  And the shots we mandate are the same dose, for a newborn baby or five year old entering kindergarten.

It disgusts me to hear the stories about how parents are dismissed by doctors and public health officials and other government officials who have never done the research those parents are now compelled to do on their own to make the best decisions for their children.  Many doctors choose to “fire” patients who won’t vaccinate according to the federally-recommended CDC schedule (70 doses of 16 different vaccines). But yet, “vaccine makers admit that there are no safety studies on the co-administration of vaccines so the CDC’s recommended childhood vaccination schedule has never been proven safe.  No safety studies have been conducted for carcinogenicity, fertility impairment, fetal harm, mutagenesis, affects on reproductive capacity or those which compare the relative health of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations.”

Our Federal Government recognizes the adverse reactions and deaths following vaccination on a federal register called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. From 1990 to 2010, there have been 4,570 death reports and 173,605 very serious adverse reactions.  Very serious adverse reactions are categorized as life-threatening, requiring an emergency room visit, hospitalization and disability.  In contrast, other products with similar track records have been promptly removed from the market.  

By their own admission, the vaccine makers do not know who will negatively react and what the extent of that reaction may be.  This presents a risk/benefit ratio only the individual can assess for him/herself.  The state may not impose a procedure that carries the inherent risk of injury or death upon an individual without an equal opportunity to refuse the risk—the benchmark of informed consent.  For this reason, New Jersey needs Vaccination Choice.”

I support the efforts of the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice to add a NJ Conscientious Exemption from state-mandated vaccines, Assembly Bill 2450, and I urge you to support the bill as well. I feel that New Jersey should urgently join the other states that allow vaccination choice. New Jersey mandates more shots than any other state in the country.  There is no reason we must be an outlier.  Let us start by giving New Jersey parents the personal belief or conscientious exemption to mandatory vaccination.  We deserve as much. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.


New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice