Want to Volunteer?

We are forming new committees to help accomplish the many tasks of the Coalition.

Publicity Committee:
We need to spread word of our Coalition through the press.
Are you willing to reach out to your local (probably weekly) hometown newspaper?
We will provide instructions and press releases, as well as sample letters to the editor. Many people read those locals, and making the most of them only works if you live in the towns they cover.
Estimate: 30 minutes every 3 weeks or so.

Correspondence Committee:
We need helpers that can get letters out to legislators that we develop on behalf of the coalition.
Estimate: 30-90 minutes any time your schedule allows.

Legislative Outreach:
There are still several NJ legislative districts in which we need coverage. Would you be willing to contact your legislators (3 in all) and then (important!) report back to us where they stand on vaccine related bills?