NJCVC Leader To Be Interviewed On Air 9/1 About Vaccines and Vaccination Choice.

NJCVC Leader will be on Darrly Clark’s radio program this Wednesday. He is dedicating the whole hour to vaccines and vaccination choice. Please spread the word. Share this e-mail Newsletter widely!

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This week (Wednesday 9-1-10, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM) on PRN (Progressive Radio Network) – “Progressive News Weekly”: Special guest co-host joins in a discussion on your views of current relevant issues; also, with children returning to school, states ever-so-much pressing for additional mandatory inoculations, and the so-called flu season approaching we center this weeks program around vaccines. With 2 grass roots subject matter specialists/experts (Sue Collins and Curtis Cost) on this topic we’ll inform you (or remind you) of the myths and truths about, and your options to avoid, vaccines if you desire.
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10:00 AM, Commentary on current issues, discussion of political climate, impromptu guests, calls to action, your voices (you’re invited to bring to the table your thoughts, concerns, and ideas related to the current societal landscape). With special guest co-host Ivy Blunt-Moore (radio personality, peoples advocate).

10:10 AM, Sue Collins; Co-founder NJCVC – New Jersey Coalition for Vaccine Choice, Health advocate, freedom fighter. Sue will explain why it’s important to educate before vaccinating, speaking from first hand experience and inside knowledge/perspective of the damages vaccines can do. Sue will update us on some of the tactics being used to pressure parents to have children vaccinated, as well as some legislation related to vaccines that you need to be aware of. Sue will also discuss some new initiatives (calls to action), the importance of getting involved, and what can come of fighting for your rights for freedom of choice.

10:35 AM, Curtis Cost; Vaccine researcher, peoples advocate, activist, author. Known for his no-nonsense and “down to earth” approach to journalism and writing, Curtis exposes the many flaws in the established doctrine and rational for endorsing/mandating vaccines. In his book, “Vaccines Are Dangerous: A Warning to the Global Community”, Curtis pulls no punches in an easy to understand way to delineate why you need to educate before vaccinating. Curtis will engage in a dialog you’ll want to listen to and participate in regarding the obvious and not-so-obvious reasons to question whether vaccines are safe or not.

We will discuss solutions to this prevailing dilemma, and again you are encouraged to participate.


Tune in to become empowered through knowledge and a solutions based open discussion.

Don’t miss us and our special guests this week as we get into, by some standards, controversial issues and lay the frame work for new perspectives and positive change. Remember, “this news is for you by you…but it doesn’t stop there.” Your input is important. “It’s news that can be acted upon.”

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Darryl Clark