New Jersey Healthcare Workers Journal – February 2022

In NYC, the Epicenter of the pandemic, we saw people on the streets and outside their buildings cheer and clap for the front-line heroes at 7pm each night. These are the heroes that were given the task of making medical decisions for your loved ones, but now aren’t intelligent enough to make them for themselves.

We are ignoring therapeutics, natural immunity, and body autonomy. We are forcing people to go against their sincerely held beliefs in order to keep doing what they love – saving lives. Many have already walked away. How many more great healthcare workers will we lose? And who will suffer the most? Our patients.

Hear from those on the front lines that went in the danger zone, sometimes without proper PPE, to protect and save you and your families. They are now asking for your help in order to continue to maintain their livelihoods and, more importantly, their right to choose.

~ Opening Statement By Melissa Alfieri-Collins

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