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If you think a philosophical exemption to vaccines is a bad idea because you think vaccines wiped out diseases, please think again:


Please note, there was no vaccine for scarlet fever, bubonic plague, and very little vaccination for typhoid fever, and yet they all subsided at the same rate as those for which there was widespread vaccination. These declines occurred BEFORE mass vaccination. There were many other factors. Better sewage disposal, refrigeration, antibiotics, more sanitary work and living conditions.

And if you think that a philosophical exemption to vaccines is a bad idea because the polio vaccine wiped out polio, please think again:

polioThe Salk vaccine was tested by the Poliomyelitis Vaccine Evaluation Center of the University of Michigan  (Francis et al. 1955) on 1,000,000 children. 749,236 children were used as placebo.

After only six months of observation, 67.5/100,000 of the vaccinated children had caught polio. 62.3/100,000 of the placebo group caught polio. Based upon this study the vaccine was released on the public.

The USA had a 95+% polio vaccination rate. Yet Germany and Finland, both of which had a substantially lower polio vaccination rate saw reduction of polio cases to the same degree and over the same period as the US.

Aside from serious questions as to their efficacy, there have been millions of people adversely effected by vaccines, from causing the disease the vaccine was meant to prevent, to limb paralysis, meningitis, death (SIDS), arthritis, autoimmune disorders, HIV infection from the SV40 derived from the infected monkey kidney tissue through which some polio vaccines were filtered, mercury and aluminum toxicity. And it is thought that only 1 in 10 adverse effects are actually reported.


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Immunizations: Protecting an At-Risk Population

This excellent article was developed for those in the medical community- it specifically addresses the concerns they often raise. Makes a great hand out at OB & pediatrician visits! It was written by our legislative hero, Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk, who has championed the NJ vaccination choice bill for years.

By: Barbara Loe Fisher
May2011 Letter Writing Kits Overview || Download PDF
Instructions to print out explaining how to use these Letter Writing Kits, so they can be handed out to local vaccination choice supporters, health food stores, practitioners, etc. If you print out these 2 page instructions, include the blank letter, print the labels, and add envelopes, it makes one kit. With these kits, a copy machine, 27 envelopes & 27 stamps, you’ll be done!
May2011 Letter to Legs on Letterhead || Download PDF
“Ready to send out” letter, with proper bill numbers, for you to address to individual legislators and fill in date & your name, address, etc.
May2011 Labels HC Members plus 3 and top || Download PDF
Mailing labels that fit Avery 5160/8160 label size 1 x 2 5/8″ for both Senate & Assembly Health Committees and select key folks. We also provide the Word file in case you need to tweek it to make the labels work on your printer.

State Health Department Memo
From Dec 2008 which removed discriminatory and unconstitutional language from religious exemption wording regulations.
Top 10 Reasons
States the case of the NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice (NJCVC) succinctly in 3 pages. The points are well researched, with citations, and really wrap it up nicely in a nutshell. Great promotional piece to hand out to ANY one you encounter along the way- it got mailed out to each legislator in late June 2008.
Why We Are Doing This
This two page piece provides information specifically about the most recently required shots in NJ, and why the NJCVC questions their mandated status.


Generation Rescue Ad
Powerful one-page ad with syringe graphics comparing the number of vaccinations & autism rates in 1983 and now.
Overdosed Babies
Neil Miller’s latest 28 page eBook explaining hazards associated with our crowded immunization schedule. Babies receive numerous vaccines in early childhood, often eight or more in a single doctor visit and their developing immune systems are getting overwhelmed, resulting in adverse health ailments. This eBook makes clear, succinct points as to why this serious problem needs to be addressed.
Safeminds Flu Vaccine Alert Brochure 2008
Fold out brochure with good facts to know – can order glossy copies from their web site.
State by State Vaccine Exemptions
Color map of US with each state’s status displayed regarding vaccination exemption laws
Immunization Graphs
Natural Infectious Disease Declines; Immunization Effectiveness; and Immunization Danger
Flu deaths in NJ 1996 to 2005
Covers only NJ and breaks out pneumonia from flu; shows only a handful of children; the vast majority of flu deaths are seniors. (1 page)
Flu Deaths through 2001
Covers entire US and breaks out pneumonia from flu; shows only a handful of children; the vast majority of deaths are seniors. (1 page)

Vaccine Resources

This NJCVC web site is dedicated to furthering our two main goals (opposing the NJ mandates and supporting passage of the NJ Conscientious Exemption bill). Many of our Coalition organizations independently maintain websites providing a wealth of vaccine-related data and facts. When researching vaccine safety, also check out these other fine resources.