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For a bill to become law, there is a process it needs to go through first. Bills that have been introduced now need to:

  1. Be referred to a committee in both the Senate and the Assembly.
  2. Then it needs to be scheduled for a hearing in those committees.
  3. At the committee hearing, they will take testimony from anyone wishing to speak for or against the bill. They can refer the bill back for amendments or make amendments during the hearing and vote on the bill as amended. If the vote passes the committee, the bill gets reported to the full Senate or the full Assembly. If the vote does not pass, the bill dies right there.
  4. In the Senate a bill needs 21 yes votes to pass. In the Assembly, the bill needs 41 yes votes to pass.
  5. A bill receives final legislative approval when it passes both the Senate and the Assembly in identical form.
  6. Then the bill is sent to the Governor for final approval where it can be signed or vetoed.
  7. NJ has a 2 year legislative cycle. Any bill that doesn’t pass in that 2 year period must start the process over from the beginning.

Want Your Voice Heard?

Contact your legislators

Please request that your legislators support or oppose the current vaccine related legislation that has been introduced for this legislative session. Email or fax is preferable, as mail is not read as promptly, in most cases.

Want to do more? Contact the Senate Health Committee and the Assembly Health Committee as they are the first tier of legislators to vote on the bills. Email or fax is preferable, as mail is not read as promptly, in most cases.

Click here to find contact information for the two assemblypeople and one senator in your district.

Please also contact the NJ Governor and ask that he support vaccination choice, medical freedom and parental rights. He may be reached by filling out the form on his website.

Or at the following address and phone:
Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625

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