Fallout Expected Over Annual Flu Vaccine Requirements

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NJCVC E-Blast Newsletter, September 2010

Every fall, parents hit the panic button as we try to deal with the onslaught of vaccines our children are required to receive for daycare and for school. New Jersey parents are no strangers to the highest-in-the-nation vaccine mandates for our children and more than half of us have reached our tipping point.

A recent Harris Interactive poll commissioned by the Center for Personal Rights determined that 52% of parents with children under the age of 17 believe that parents, not the government, own the right to decide which vaccines our children receive. This is no longer a fringe argument but a mainstream parental issue of personal rights.


The H1N1 vaccine component will be included in the annual seasonal flu vaccine. There will be no opt-out of H1N1 vaccine if you are required to have the seasonal flu shot. http://tinyurl.com/yblr2nx, http://tinyurl.com/yda9v5g.

If you have never received H1N1 vaccine before you will be required to receive two doses of the shot. http://tinyurl.com/2wxkd45

Last year, much was made of the swine flu pandemic which turned out to be a non-event. People receiving the seasonal flu shot were more likely to get H1N1 than those who did not. Countries across the globe balked at compulsory H1N1 programs or recalled them after they were implemented. Reports from around the world told of neurological disease and death following H1N1 vaccination. Prominent scientists from several countries made serious inquiries into the severity of the alleged pandemic and the effectiveness of this novel vaccine.

In addition, we are now highly sensitized to the economic implications of these vaccine promotion policies. We see the wasteful spending of taxpayer money on excessive, unused vaccines and the additional cost to now properly dispose of what is considered to be a bio-hazardous waste. This is because the vast majority of flu vaccines contain a mercury-based preservative, thimerosal. For this reason, the millions of unused vaccines are considered toxic to the environment and require special handling.

We Need Conscientious Exemption From Mandatory Vaccines More Than Ever!

This Issue Has Never Been More Important Than It Is Now!


  • The Conscientious Exemption bill has been reintroduced as A2450 for this session. (New bill number for the 2010-2012 legislative session)
  • A2450 has been moved to the Education Committee for its introduction to the Assembly.
  • There are 12 members of the Assembly Education Committee and the Chairman is signed on as a co-sponsor of the bill!
  • In April, every member of the Assembly Education Committee as well as every freshman legislator was sent a packet from NJCVC entitled “Understanding Conscientious Exemption from Mandatory Immunization: Assembly Bill 2450.”
  • NJCVC leaders have successfully signed on 8 of the 12 committee members to the bill. Meetings with the remaining four members are in process.
  • When the bill is posted for a hearing, NJCVC will invite you to support this bill that protects our rights to vaccination choice.
  • After passing the Education Committee and full Assembly, the bill will go to the Senate.
  • A formal request has been made of Governor Christie to fulfill his campaign promise to give parents stronger rights where matters of their children are concerned.
  • NJCVC leaders met with Health Department officials Dr. Susan Walsh, Deputy Health Commissioner; Dr. Tina Tan, State Epidemiologist; and Claudia Marchese, Assistant Counsel to the Governor. We discussed the importance of the issue of vaccination choice and the frustration parents are feeling. We asked for immediate reform in the area of “full disclosure” of information to its citizens where matters of vaccines are concerned.

YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! WE THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING TO OUR REQUESTS FOR HELP. We have signed on new co-sponsors for the bill because of your help in setting up meetings in your legislative districts.

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The following coverage and news articles help illustrate the consequences of last year’s seasonal and H1N1 flu shots.

False Pandemic

More Likely To Get H1N1

Balked At Compulsory programs or Recalled

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