Calls needed TODAY to Assembly Health Committee, vote will be held tomorrow

take action and call your NJ legislatorsWe need calls to the Assembly Health Committee TODAY. They plan to make August Adult Vaccine Preventable Disease Awareness and Improvement Month and heavily promote adult vaccines ASSEMBLY JOINT RESOLUTION No. 95 . Assemblyman Conaway is the sponsor of this bill and Chair of the Assembly Health Committee. (he just introduced the bill on May 19th and it will be up for a vote tomorrow, June 2nd)

They are voting on this resolution on Thursday, June 2nd at 10:00am. If you are able to attend the meeting and make a brief statement, please let me know. There are a couple of us that will be in Trenton for this.

All of the Assembly Health Committee members need to be contacted (Especially if you are a constituent in the district) and told that you do not want your tax dollars spent giving free advertising to a for profit industry for products that are known to have side effects and risks for some. Any information provided to the public must include ALL information on the the risks and potential side effects so people can make an informed decision.

2016 Assembly Health Committee Members (2-17-16)

Timothy Eustace (D) – Dist 38 Vice Chair – 201-576-9199/fax: 201-576-9432

Erik Peterson (R) – Dist.23 – 908-238-0251/fax: 908-238-0256

Holly Schepisi (R) – Dist. 39 – 201-666-0881

Dan Benson(D) – Dist. 14 – 609-631-0198/ fax: 609-631-0324

Betty Lou DeCroce (R) – Dist. 26 – 973-265-0057

Jerry Green(D) – Dist.22 – 908-561-5757 / fax: 908-561-5757

James Kennedy (D) – Dist. 22 – 732-943-2660

Angelica Jimenez (D) –Dist. 32 – 201-223-4247

Shavonda Sumter (D) – Dist 35 – 973-925-7061

Angela McKnight (D) – Dist. 31 – 201-360-2502

Nancy Pinkin (D) – Dist. 18 – 732-548-1406

Nancy Munoz (R) – Dist. 21- 908-918-0414 / fax: 908-918-0275

Herb Conaway(D) – Dist. 7 – Chair – 856-461-3997/ fax: 856-461-3823