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NJCVC supports the parents/individuals’ right to freedom of choice in their healthcare decisions and the basic human right to decide which substances, if any, are injected into their bodies and that of their families.

NJCVC strongly opposes mass vaccination mandates, under any circumstances.


Has Your NJ Religious Exemption Letter Been Denied? Take Action Now!

Families are beginning to report that private pre-schools and child care centers in NJ are denying their children a religious exemption from vaccination. Any such action is a violation of your civil rights. If any pre-school is denying your child a religious exemption from vaccination, we can help. Please contact NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice at info@njvaccinechoice.org, or our attorney, Julio C. Gomez, Esq. of GOMEZ LLC at 908-789-1080, or, jgomez@gomezllc.com. Do not wait. In order to protect and preserve your rights you must take action quickly.

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Connect with activists statewide to oppose vaccine mandates in NJ. Work on a district by district basis to reach out to legislators through letters, visits, and local media.

Discussion-oriented forum for support in making informed vaccination decisions, and navigating our most-mandates-in-the-nation NJ landscape, from exemptions to pediatricians.

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If you care about your personal right to choose or refuse NJ state mandated medical procedures, join the effort to help pass legislation that will allow a Conscientious Belief Exemption to Mandatory Vaccination in New Jersey. You can help to strengthen and fight for NJ vaccine exemption. Click, Print and Share.

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Vaccine Doses for U.S. Children

The vaccine schedule has increased drastically in a single generation. Compare the number of doses of vaccinations that kids got in 1962 to 2016. Print and share the flyer.

Vaccines Then VS Now

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Immunizations: Protecting an At-Risk Population

This excellent article was developed for those in the medical community
It specifically addresses the concerns they often raise. Makes a great hand out at OB & pediatrician visits! It was written by, Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk, who has championed the NJ vaccination choice bill, protecting and fighting for NJ vaccine exemptions, for years.

NJ Vaccine Exemption letter

Concerns regarding HPV Vaccination – NJ Bill No A2647

A list of important points, articles and references for parents to consider. Find out more!

NJ Vaccine Exemption religious exemption letter
“There are risks associated with ALL medical practices, including vaccines, so it is important for parents, and their doctors, to evaluate an individual child’s medical history and health, including genetic predispositions and allergies, to determine what is appropriate. Informed consent is a key ethical principle in medical practice.”

~ Dr. Lawrence Rosen, a board certified pediatrician and Chief of Pediatric Integrative Medicine at Hackensack University Medical Center

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