DIY T-Shirts

DIY Vaccination Choice T-Shirts

What you’ll need to get started


  • Printer: An inkjet compatible with iron-on transfers
  • Paper: Regular paper for printing previews of your design
  • Iron-on transfers: You can buy them from Staples or most craft stores
  • Iron: You’ll be using the cotton setting without steam
  • Fabric to decorate: A T-shirt, hoodie or tote bag of at least 50% cotton

Iron-on instructions

When using iron-on transfers, be sure to follow the detailed instructions on the package. Here are the basic steps for creating an iron-on transfer:

  1. Choose your artwork: Click on one of the images below to download the file you will print on your transfer. Please note the text will appear backwards. We’ve already converted the NJCVC t-shirt designs to mirror images for you so that the text will appear correctly once they are ironed onto the fabric. The writing is supposed to be backwards on your downloaded image.


  2. Print a preview: Print a preview of your design on regular paper. It should look exactly how you would like to see it. Keep making adjustments and printing previews on regular paper until you are satisfied with your design.
  3. Check design’s direction : Remember, when you iron on your design, it will be flipped so that a mirror image will appear on your garment. If you’re not sure if you need to flip your image, look at it in the mirror. If it looks backwards, you should flip your design.
  4. Print your transfer: Print your design onto the iron-on transfer paper. Print two if you plan to iron one onto a test garment.
  5. Cut carefully Cut out your design, leaving about ¼” border.
  6. Set your iron: Use the “cotton” or hottest setting, and turn off steam.
  7. Test your iron-on: If you want to do a test, iron your design onto an old garment/piece of material (ideally of the same material and color as the one you’ll use).
  8. Get leverage: As an alternative to an ironing board, you may also use a low, flat surface such as a workbench so you can press harder when you iron. You’re ready!
  9. Iron your design onto your final garment.
  10. Finish up: Remove the paper backing from the iron-on transfer.
  11. Iron On Tips!

    For best results, pre-wash your material.
    Make sure you load the transfer paper so it prints on the clean white side.
    To wash, turn the item inside out and wash in cold water (the first time, wash it without detergent.) Remove the items immediately after the wash is done and hang to dry.